Heir Island Business Map
PDF Map of  businesses and contact details on Heir Island.

Heir Island Sailing School
The Sailing School is a Training Centre approved by the Irish Sailing Association.

Skeaghanore West Cork Duck
“Whatever way you cook ’em, the Skeaghanore ducks are downright delicious”

Gubbeen Farmhouse Products
The local climate uniquely affects our land; this in turn provides the grass our herd graze on. Their milk produces our cheeses. The by-product of cheese, whey, feeds our pigs who along with the herbs grown at Gubbeen Greens are the key to the charcuteries produced at the Smokehouse.

The Firehouse Bread School

Winner of the Georgina Campbell 2015 Natural food award.

Farmgate, Cork and Middleton
Cork Cafe, and Middleton Restaurant & Country Store.

Isaacs Restaurant, Cork
Isaacs Restaurant on McCurtain Street is one of Cork’s Best Restaurants and has been a standard-bearer for good food in Cork for over 20 years.

Local Towns and Villages


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