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No demonstrations planned at Island Cottage at this point 2023

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Having demonstrated all over the world, from Paris to New York, From Sydney Australia to Ballymaloe Ireland. My love of teaching and imparting practical knowledge is what is important to me. 

Island_Cottage_Cookery_DemonstrationsOne demonstration or a series of demonstrations can be organised by any interested party and held in their kitchen or cookery school. Each demonstration lasts approx two hours. Suggested time 10am to 12 noon, plus 20 minutes for tasting.

Minimum 10 to 32 paying participants. Fee to be discussed.

Organiser’s Responsibilities
Buying of ingredients. Provides assistant to help one hour before during and after each demonstration until everything is cleaned up, approx ½ hour after demonstration.

The organiser will be provided with each recipe taught. It is the responsibility of the organiser to provide each student with the same.