The best local ingredients for us tend to be fresh fish, duck, beef or lamb. The island fishermen provide us with shrimp and crab. We also get fish from the smaller fishing boats that go to sea for one or two days. We do a lot of hot desserts such as a different variety of soufflés. Our own brown bread is baked freshly every day, just two hours before guests arrive. The following are examples of menus which have been served at Island Cottage  


Example of lunch menu served 13 June 2015

Egg mayonnaise garnished with celeriac, beetroot and tomato salsa
Ribeye steak, red wine sauce, potato purée 
Classic chocolate mousse  


Examples of Dinner Menus:

Example 1

Marinated salmon on a bed of mayonnaise, homemade brown bread
Breast of duck, red wine sauce, Celeriac puree
Gubbeen cheese with a garnish 
Hot lemon crêpe soufflé, caramel orange sauce 


Example 2

Mushroom risotto, homemade brown bread
Baked cod, sweet red pepper and courgette sauce, roast potatoes with rosemary
Gubbeen cheese with a garnish 
Hot Grand Marnier crêpe soufflé, raspberry coulis


Example 3

Tartare of salmon, lightly pickled cucumber, fennel sauce, homemade brown bread
Roast duck leg, parsley béarnaise sauce, gratin dauphinois
Gubbeen cheese with a garnish 
Chocolate Marquise with a crème anglaise